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Feed your Kids Well


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Author: Fred Pescatore, M.D.

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Today, one-third of North American children and teenagers are overweight. Despite decades of medical and scientific breakthroughs, the percentage of children with health problems is the highest in history. This book is the tool concerned parents can use to help their overweight and non-overweight children get healthy. Dr. Pescatore builds on the low-carbohydrate principles of Dr. Atkin’s “New Diet Revolution” to form a health program specifically for children. After explaining how your child’s body and metabolism work, Dr. Pescatore clearly outlines a straightforward nutritional lifestyle program that helps parents shape the important building blocks – protein, fats, and carbohydrates – into complete, well-balanced meals. Many of the menus provided do not make the Page Diet Plan, but the issues explored and discussion of good and bad fats are very enlightening.

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