Dr. John A. Myers

Doctor of Medicine

Dr. John A. Myers began his quest for personal health as a child after nearly dying of diphtheria at age three. After graduating as a certified electrical engineer from John Hopkins University in 1927 he found himself still questioning many of the new science of medicine’s hypotheses on health. So Dr. Myers decided to return to his alma mater to pursue a medical degree completing his studies in 1935.

After graduating Dr. Myers started applying his training in the use of measurement and control devices in engineering. This afforded him a unique background enabling him to scientifically discern the functional controls in the metabolic aspects of disease.

He was particularly interested in the trace minerals and the interrelationships of the biochemistry of cellular function and the application of nutritional elements to improve the metabolism of body systems. He used the teeth and the eyes, the most highly differentiated structures of the body, as measuring agents for evaluating metabolic response to treatment. Dr. Myers was noted for his unique way of blending mineral components to control metabolic balance in the body. The Myers cocktail was a noted formula that boosted the immune system and many of his patients started their day with this formula.

Dr. Melvin Page used to always make the comment that you could always send the impossible patient to Dr. Myers who would get them well but never weaning them from his mineral formulas.

Dr. Myers was a member of numerous professional societies both in the United States and abroad. He was also a founder and diplomat of the International College of Applied Nutrition.

Metabolic Aspect of Health

Metabolic Aspect of Health

Metabolic Aspects of Health by John A Myers, MD. and Karl H. Schutte PhD. was written at the end of Dr. Meyers life in an attempt to explain how he developed his unique formulas to support the metabolic balance of body chemistry.  This manual is a fascinating read for those who are willing to look deeper into clinical nutrition.

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