Personal Health Profile


All of us want to prevent illness instead of treating It. Unfortunately most of us don’t stop to think that signs or symptoms have anything to do with our overall health. After all why should we? We are constantly bombarded with magazine articles and television or radio advertisements telling us how this drug or that drug can make our life healthy and wonderful. Between beautiful sunsets and soothing music they slip in a warning about how their product can impact digestion, liver or biliary function like this is all normal. So why should we think that those migrating pains or sleepless nights are anything but natural, it’s all part of everyday life.

Lifestyle and diet are probably the two most important things that support good health. What we need to remember is food is therapeutic. The body only functions at its maximum efficiency when it receives all its natural nourishment, this means natural whole foods not chemical extracts. Not vitamin B made from coal tar, but real foods grown in healthy soil. Remember we are what we eat. For more information on supporting your body’s nutritional needs fill out the questionnaire below.

For your personalized health profile please click the screen link below to fill out Nutritec’s computerized health questionnaire. This program is designed to do over 2400 calculations depending on how you answer your questions. The more input you give the program, the better it will identify your needs. Please enter your blood pressure, weight and height if possible as the program takes all of the information in when it calculates.