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Why Catalyn? Dr. Lee, 1937 – Food For Thought

Some of you are well aware that my first vitamin concentrate was triggered by a family tragedy when my mother was told she had probably less than three months to live. Her system was so weakened, right after getting the flu in the flu epidemic of 1928-29. I created a vitamin concentrate for her using whole foods. I later called it Catalyn. I’m happy to say that she is enjoying a vibrant healthy life at this point almost 10 years later. According to the Gould’s Medical Dictionary, 1935 edition, a vitamin is:  “substance belonging to a group of organic bases [...]

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Dr. Lee on Happiness and Patient Management

Dr. Lee felt that Dr. Melvin Page was one of the most effective practitioners in practice and patient management in the country. Yet from 1950 to 1987, Dr. Page was indicted 6 times for practicing outside his scope of practice. Fortunately, he won all six cases. The last case was won with over 3,600 case studies and in his closing statement, the federal judge made a point of reprimanding the FDA and AMA for persecuting him rather than finding out what he was doing to make him so successful. That thoroughness is what made Dr. Page effective. We believe the [...]

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